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Miguel Pessanha Pais

Hi! I'm Miguel!


Welcome to my website.


I am a postdoctoral researcher with a PhD in Marine Biology and I work in Lisbon, Portugal.

My research focuses on applied marine ecology and environmental management, particularly with coastal fish assemblages.


Research interests include fish ecology, environmental monitoring and assessment methodology, functional traits and indicators and individual-based models.

My institution:

Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre

My published work focuses on applied marine ecology, particularly on coastal fish assemblages. Studies include the application of indicators using a functional approach, assessment methodology and definition of assemblage types.

I have recently ventured into the world of individual-based models. In these models, community and population effects emerge from individual interactions. Click this image to go to the models section, or use the top menu.

Photography, both under and over water, is one of my favourite hobbies. Check out some of my photos by clicking this image or going to the photography section in the top menu.

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